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RESPAWN: the future of gaming in Web3

Tezos announced a new conference 08.02..2022: RESPAWN: the future of gaming in Web3. This event is a one-day, virtual gathering of some of the most prominent figures in the gaming and sports industries. 

Lindsey Eckhouse (Director of Licensing, e-Commerce, and Esports - McLaren Racing), Nicolas Maurer (CEO - Team Vitality); Evgeniy Medvedev (Head of Partnerships Sports/Lifestyle - Rarible); Mason Edwards (Chief of Staff - Tezos Foundation) will discuss how technology can be a catalyst for uniting sports fanbases.

Alexis Bonte (COO - Stillfront Group) and Max Stoeckl (Co-Founder and CEO - Dogami) will discuss how can executives lead their organizations in this new era of technology? The discussion is hosted by Senior Writer at Decrpyt, Andrew Hayward.

Sebastien Borget (Co-Founder and COO - The Sandbox), Ivan Goncharov (Product Manager - CCP Games) and Bilal El Alamy (Co-Founder and CTO - Dogami) will discuss, what's in store for the future of gaming. The discussion is hosted by Forbes contributor, Jesse Damiani.

Corey Burkhart (Game Designer - Emergents TCG), Dan Madesclaire (apEX - Team Vitality) and Leeston Bryant (Senior Marketing Manager Esports - McLaren Racing) will discuss the rise of competitive gaming. What's next for the world of esports?

Leah Callon-Butler (Director - Emfarsis) and Ivan Yeo (Chairman - ATTN) will speak about in-game NFTs that have the ability to revolutionize traditional business models and empower artists around the world. The discussion is hosted by Marissa Trew, Head of Content at TZAPAC.

Brian David-Marshall (President and Publisher - InterPop), Guillaume Martin (COO - Golden Goals), Alon Goren (Founding Partner - DraperGorenHolm) and Mark Soares (Founder and CMO - Blokhaus) will discuss new avenues for creators and brands to connect directly with users and consumers. The discussion is hosted by Jason Schlossberg, Global Head of Strategic Communications at Huge.

Khleo Thomas (Actor), Rédouane Ramdani (Co-Founder - Snipfeed), Shannon Wells (Head of Community and Governance - Livepeer) and Joab Garza (Founder - GIF Games) will discuss a dive into the current landscape of content creation, live streaming, and the metaverse. Hosted by Reid Yager, Global Director of Communications & PR at Blokhaus.